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76 years, Metastatic NSCLC adenocarcinoma

33 years, Papillary thyroid cancer

85 years, MSI-high colorectal cancer


33 years, Papillary thyroid cancer

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Clinical presentation1

• Diagnosed at 27 years


Prior treatment1

• 5 prior surgeries

• Radioactive iodine (2 treatments with a cumulative dose of 330 mCi/12.2 GBq; RAI non-avid) 

• Pazopanib and trametinib


ETV6–NTRK3 gene fusion detected


Treatment with Larotrectinib 100 mg twice daily1

• Confirmed partial response 
   (92.6% reduction in target lesions)


Current status1

Larotrectinib treatment is ongoing 
   after 51 cycles



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Cycle 31, Day 26

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Larotrectinib is effective in TRK fusion thyroid cancer

Efficacy in TRK fusion thyroid cancer1

• N=28 patients:
   N=21 differentiated / N=7 anaplastic

75% ORR all (95% CI 55-89)

  90% ORR DTC (95% CI 70-99),
  29% ORR anaplastic (95% CI 4-71)
Median OS 27.8 months
  (95% CI 16.7-NE)


Safety in TRK fusion thyroid cancer2

• AEs primarily grade 1 and 2

• Treatment-related grade 3 AEs 
  in 2 patients (7%), no grade 4 TRAE

• No permanent discontinuations 
  due to TRAE


Maximum change in tumor size (%)2

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Based on data cut-off July, 2019; presented at ESMO Virtual Congress 2020. One patient with anaplastic thyroid cancer had clinical disease progression prior to the first tumor response assessment. AE, adverse event; ORR, objective response rate; OS, overall survival; TRAE, treatment-related adverse event

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Picture of the actual patient has been redacted. GBq, gigabecquerel; mCi, millicurie; RAI, radioactive iodine.


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