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76 years, Metastatic NSCLC adenocarcinoma

33 years, Papillary thyroid cancer

85 years, MSI-high colorectal cancer


76 years, Metastatic NSCLC adenocarcinoma

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Clinical presentation1

• Multiple bilateral pulmonary nodules

• Metastases in liver, bone and brain

• Negative for known drivers (including KRAS, EGFR, BRAF, MET, ERBB2, ALK, ROS1, RET)


Prior treatment1,2,

• No prior systemic therapy, surgery or radiotherapy

• Patient refused platinum doublet therapy


EPS15–NTRK1 gene fusion detected by NGS1



Treatment with Larotrectinib 100 mg twice daily2

• Confirmed partial response at 8 weeks
   (34% reduction)

• Near complete response of all brain
   metastases (95% reduction)


Current status2

Larotrectinib treatment ongoing 
   for >18 months (Feb 2020)



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8 weeks

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16 weeks

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Larotrectinib is effective in TRK fusion lung cancer

Efficacy in TRK fusion lung cancer2

• N=14 patients 
  (N=7 with baseline CNS metastases)

71% ORR all (95% CI 42-92)
  57% ORR CNS (95% CI 18-90)

91% 1-year OS rate (95% CI 74-100)


Safety in TRK fusion lung cancer2

• AEs primarily grade 1 and 2

• Treatment-related grade 3 AEs 
  in 2 patients (14%), no grade 4 TRAE

• No permanent discontinuations 
  due to TRAE


Maximum change in tumor size (%)2

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Based on data cut-off July, 2019; presented at ESMO Virtual Congress 2020. AE, adverse event; CNS, central nervous system; ORR, objective response rate; OS, overall survival; TRAE, treatment-related adverse event

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  • Drilon A, et al. Efficacy and safety of larotrectinib in patients with tropomyosin receptor kinase fusion lung cancer. Ann Oncol 2020;31(suppl 4):S834, Abstract 1289P. Poster presentation at ESMO Virtual Congress, September 19–21, 2020. Return to content